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Our Covid-19 safety measures on dedicated school bus services

Updated: Friday 4th March 2022



Whilst the risk of catching Covid-19 is always present, we have produced the following policy with advice & guidance from the Department of Transport (DfT), Department of Education (DfE), Gloucestershire County Council (G.C.C.) & the schools we serve to minimise these risks.


  • Our vehicles undergone a thorough deep clean using bleach, disinfectant & other recommended cleaning materials daily.

  • Particular attention is given to high touch areas including, but not exclusively, handrails, handles, seatbelts & bell pushes.


When boarding the vehicle

  • Face masks & coverings are not mandatory, however, please think of others by continuing to wear one unless medically exempt.

  • Dispensers located near to the front door containing hand sanitiser are available to use on every vehicle.

  • All bags should be placed on the floor by your feet or where fitted on vehicles in the overhead luggage lockers.


During the journey

  • We recommend passengers continue to wear a face mask or covering at all times unless medically exempt.

  • Passengers should remain seated & sitting face forward at all times.

  • Food or drink should not be consumed unless absolutely necessary in hot weather.

  • If the weather permits, please keep windows & skylights open to help with ventilation.


When alighting the vehicle

  • Please ensure you have all your personal belongings & remove all litter before disposing of it safely in a bin.

  • Continue to wear a face covering or mask unless medically exempt until you have alighted the vehicle.


Our promise to you

  • Drivers will be encouraged to wear either a face covering or mask whilst driving, unless medically exempt or on safety grounds.

  • We will continue promote the use of hand sanitiser & practice good hand hygiene at all times.

  • We will ensure our cleaning policies are adhered to at all times.

  • Our travel guidance is updated on our website when new advice is released by the DfT, DfE, G.C.C. & the schools we serve.


Marchants Coaches take the safety & wellbeing of our customers & employees extremely seriously. We are doing everything we possibly can to keep them safe & reduce the risks of catching Coronavirus when travelling on our vehicles.


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