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Our Covid-19 safety measures.

Ensuring we keep our customers safe on each and every journey.

Updated: 8th July 2021



Marchants Coaches take the safety and wellbeing of our customers & employees extremely seriously, we are doing everything we possibly can to keep them safe & reduce the risks of catching Coronavirus (Covid-19) when travelling on our vehicles.


The transmission of Covid-19 is primarily through people touching surfaces contaminated by the virus & then transferring that contamination to their mouth, eyes or nose. There is also a possibility of breathing in droplets expelled by another person when in close face to face contact.


Following the announcement by the Government to end Covid restrictions from Monday 19th July 2021, we have produced the following travel guidance with advice from the Department of Transport (DfT), Department of Education (DfE) & Gloucestershire County Council (G.C.C.).






  • Passengers with a high temperature, a new continuous cough & a loss or change to their sense of smell or taste, should not travel.

  • Please follow the appropriate self-isolation guidelines issued by the NHS. Visit for details.

  • Employees with symptoms will not be allowed to come to work & must follow the same guidelines.




  • Our vehicles undergone a thorough deep clean using bleach, disinfectant & other recommended cleaning materials daily.

  • Particular attention is given to high touch areas including, but not exclusively handrails, handles, seatbelts, arm rests & bell pushes.


When boarding the vehicle:


  • Face masks & coverings will no longer be mandatory, however, passengers are encouraged to continue to wear them.

  • Dispensers located near to the front door containing hand sanitiser, is available on every vehicle.

  • All bags should be placed on the floor by your feet or where fitted on vehicles in the overhead luggage lockers.

  • Please do not place bags on seats next to you.


During the journey:


  • We encourage passengers to continue wearing either a face mask or coverings during their journey, however this is not mandatory.

  • Passengers should remain seated face forward at all times.

  • Please only drink if absolutely necessary in hot weather.

  • Food should not be consumed at any time during your journey.

  • Where possible please keep windows & skylights open to help with ventilation if the weather permits.

  • During hot weather, the driver will switch the air-conditioning to fresh air circulation to avoid circulating the air inside the vehicle.


When alighting the vehicle:


  • Please remain seated until the vehicle has stopped.

  • Ensure you have all your personal belongings and remember to remove all litter, disposing of it safely in a bin.


Our promise to you:


  • Drivers will be encouraged to continue wearing face masks or a covering whilst driving, however this is not mandatory.

  • We will continue promote the use of hand sanitiser & practice good hand hygiene at all times.

  • We will ensure our cleaning policies are adhered to at all times.

  • Our travel guidance will be updated on our website when new advice is released by the DfT, DfE, G.C.C. & the schools we serve.


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